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"I have enjoyed purchasing and installing newly installed fire places and more recently a two tiered fountain. After the Antique have been the perfect way to add back classically designed stone to my heritage.

– Adrian
single tier marble fireplace in a lush green garden

Single Tier

Guide Price c. £10,000

The Single Tier Fountain, also fondly called a birdbath fountain, has a welcoming basin that creates a gentle trickle of falling water. This design creates the perfect, subtle soundtrack to complement your garden’s natural tranquility.

double tier marble fountain in a lush green garden

Double Tier

Guide Price £12,300

For a grander statement and a greater sensory experience, our Double Tier Fountain is a classic choice. The added height and gentle narrowing of the fountain towards its peak bring a sense of majesty into your garden. Meanwhile, a graceful waterfall effect is created as water spills from the upper tier to the lower and again into the bowl, creating a continuous yet gentle flow for a tranquil soundscape.

triple tier marble fountain in a lush green garden

Triple Tier

Guide Price £15,000

There is magic in the number three, which allows for asymmetry whilst maintaining balance. Our Triple Tier Fountain is a showstopper designed to impress and engage as each tier decreases in size, narrowing towards the sky. However, it is the rich, layered acoustics that are the standout feature of this fountain, bringing a symphony of falling water into your garden. 

closeup texture photo of dark black marble


Commission a Fountain

With our bespoke masonry service and expert craftsmen, your water feature can be as unique as your outdoor space and entirely tailored to your vision and style. 

a luxurious indoor swimming pool with marble portico and fountain
a bespoke fountain depicting two characters and a mythical creature
marble double tier fountain in an indoor swimming pool
outdoor stone fountain with lion head detailing
triple tier stone fountain in a garden with assorted plants in the background