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Accidentally Bespoke

Since 1990, After the Antique has crafted exquisite natural stone designs for clients worldwide. Initially, we perfected our Signature Series, anticipating that, like many UK masonry companies, we would focus on a collection of popular designs. However, as time passed, we embraced more unique and unexpected projects—and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Questions like, "Can you create a marble fountain for an indoor swimming pool?" or "Could you sculpt a series of griffin statues for our garden?" became our exciting new norm. 

As a family-run business, our flexibility allows us to select projects that truly inspire us. Today, our focus is almost entirely on providing a bespoke masonry service. We believe every project deserves a uniquely personal touch, enabling us to meet your specific needs for quality, artistry, and value

Michael Parker

The founding inspiration behind After the Antique, Michael was a passionate globetrotter who discovered the exceptional talents of masons worldwide.

Stephen Parker

Stephen spent almost twenty years building a network of expert masons and craftsmen and perfecting our Signature Series with designers and architects.

Adam Parker

As our current Director, Adam’s passion is the collaborative process. It was his idea to tailor After the Antique towards bespoke masonry, and he personally consults with every client, from accomplished architects to enthusiastic homeowners.

Our Stone

We source natural stones from around the world, from the dependable charm of limestone to the striking elegance of Carrara Marble. This enables us to perfectly tailor each project, material, and craftsmanship style to your vision. 

Our Masons

For over twenty years, we have journeyed to quarries across the globe to partner with expert craftsmen. Our masons are passionate about creative expression and masters of precision.

Feature Highlight

The Jacuzzi Temple

We thrive on challenges, and this was a thrilling one. We had the pleasure of designing every natural stone element for a stunning private swimming pool and leisure room. Our vision was to create an oasis of warm beige marble, starting with a grand portico entrance and a double-tiered fountain. We then proposed that the Jacuzzi be set under an unforgettable marble-domed temple. Illuminated by a sprawling glass roof, each piece radiated in natural light. We're incredibly proud of how each hand-crafted piece brought timeless elegance to this modern space.

editorial photography of a luxurious stone fireplace in white and yellow marble

Our Clients

Of course, you don’t have to take just our word for it. Fortunately, the glowing testimonials from our clients speak for themselves.