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"Really lovely fireplace deliver with out a problem to my project in Dorset. Looks perfect and client is delighted. Very much recommend this company for fireplaces and hearths."

– Lex McMillan, Architect
closeup texture photo of dark black marble

We have worked with brilliant architects, interior designers, and landscape designers for over twenty years. As a small company, we understand the necessity of excellence in materials, craftsmanship, and innovation for your work. Our bespoke stone services are tailored to meet your exacting needs in quality, artistry, and price.

close up image of a slab of limestone

Quality of Materials

We offer an exquisite selection of natural stones, ranging from granite to marble, limestone, and sandstone, each chosen for its unique beauty and durability. We are able to source materials from locations around the world, which makes us a fantastic choice for a range of projects, as we can adapt to most design briefs and (reasonable) budgets. 

closeup corner of a highly detailed hand carved stone fireplace

Craftsmanship & Expertise

We work with skilled artisans who embody centuries-old masonry traditions with a modern sense of precision. Our partners are experts not just in shaping stone but in bringing your vision to life, and you can entrust After the Antique with ensuring an unwavering commitment to quality, wherever we source from.

close up of a white and green marble fountain

Custom Design Capabilities

Your vision is unique, and our bespoke service is designed to honour that. There are always limitations to natural stone (such as budget), but our diverse range of partnerships gives us more flexibility than most to find a solution which translates your ideas into reality. 

We welcome your designs in whichever format is easiest for you, whether you have a basic sketch or a Pinterest inspiration board. Once we have agreed on a budget and project brief, we will provide you with a detailed drawing of your custom design for your approval.

freshly installed and washed down hand carved fireplace

Installation Expertise

A natural stone design, such as a fireplace, is only as perfect as its installation. Having spent years helping with the hands-on installation process himself, our Director Adam is painfully aware of this. Whilst you are welcome to work with your own builders for this process (and we have a detailed document to provide them with guidance), we also recommend and arrange qualified masons whom we trust to address the structural nuances of each project.

Looking out through a portico over a bright and sunny garden

Partnerships Beyond Projects

At After the Antique, we champion a collaborative approach to design and deeply value the relationships we forge with architects and designers. We recognise that true collaboration extends beyond each project completion, which is why we ensure continued success and satisfaction throughout the process and after installation. You can be assured of our commitment to your projects and clients and a partnership that prioritises your needs and vision.

outdoor marble hand carved portico
a luxurious indoor swimming pool with marble portico and fountain
a hand carved marble bathtub with views out over a swimming pool and vast african landscape