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"I am really pleased with the marble fire place I recently purchased; right from the start there was always someone at the end of the phone or email ready to deal with any enquires about their products; good quality product and very good service!"

– Sarah Cox
closeup texture photo of dark black marble

Discover the warmth of true craftsmanship with a bespoke masonry service that adapts to your needs. We only take on a select number of new customers at a time, so you can be assured that our expert team will be on hand to guide you through our collaborative design, expert craftsmanship, and seamless installation process.

watercolour sketch of a fireplace design

Step One

Consult With Our Experts

Natural stone designs are always unique, with individual veining, textures, and patterns within every slab.

Your initial consultation will typically be with our Creative Director, Adam Parker. Once you reach out to After the Antique, Adam will schedule a call or video consultation to discuss your vision and get a comprehensive idea of the scope of your project. 

We welcome all ideas and thoughts before this meeting. Use our enquiry form to send through sketches, magazine clippings, inspiration photos, or even meandering descriptions of a stone feature you were once inspired by. This is also the perfect time to send photos of your home, as well as measurements. The more detail we receive, the better we can understand your vision and the space where the design will sit. This insight is relevant not only to our designs but also to the eventual installation process.

close up image of a slab of limestone

Step Two

Material and Design Approval

Each stone must be cut, shaped, carved and smoothed into its new form.

After the initial consultation, our team will present a design proposal for your review. At this point, we suggest a stone, style, and mason that best matches your needs. The diversity of our partnerships around the world means that we are often able to propose a range of options to suit your style and desired budget. 

Throughout this process, we actively encourage questions and feedback. Once you have approved a design, you can rest assured that you will never find yourself with hidden fees or additional charges. 

Fireplace corner detailing closeup

Step Three

Custom Craftsmanship

Polishing marble brings out its natural colours and unique veining. 

Two decades of After the Antique have allowed us to forge partnerships with skilled artisans worldwide, from Italy’s historic quarries to the distinctive orange limestone of the Cotswolds. It is these relationships that make us uniquely equipped to match each customer’s needs, as we can offer a range of materials and pricing. We carefully vet each of the masons we partner with and can proudly match your vision with the perfect craftsmanship. 

Candlelit room with stone hand carved fireplace and marble floors

Step Four

Expert Installation

When laying stone pieces in place for mortaring, each must be aligned with perfect symmetricity, then cleaned and sealed for longevity.

The installation process may not be the most exciting, but as architects and designers will tell you, it is often the most critical. Depending on your home and the design, setting up a fireplace, for example, can take a few hours to a week. This is why we start with a detailed consultation: to get the measurements right and save you time, money, and hassle. 

We can arrange expert masons and builders, people we trust to handle the whole process smoothly. A smooth install needs a well-prepped space, with everything rendered and levelled correctly.

luxurious hallway in a stately home with hardwood floors and a fireplace and wood burner
outdoor marble hand carved portico
a luxurious indoor swimming pool with marble portico and fountain
outdoor hand carved stone fireplace with a fire burning inside
a hand carved marble bathtub with views out over a swimming pool and vast african landscape