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Company Profile

We are a family business, based in Norfolk. From our design offices, workshop and showroom where we specialise in creating beautiful classically inspired features in natural stone for both the home and garden. Started by Stephen Parker in 1998, After the Antique works with private clients, either directly or through both interior and landscape designers, mainly throughout the UK but now increasingly around the world.

We try to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers get exactly what they want. If you trade with us, I hope that you find we give an extremely hands-on service wherever it is needed. Every project is different, and so every time we supply and fit, say our fireplaces or fountains, there is always the need for us to have a detailed understanding of what the project is. We are extremely keen to arrange site visits, wherever it helps, to discuss any installations we may be doing or to measure up where an element of bespoke work is required. This could be for something as small as making sure that we cut the slips and hearth to fit with the fireplace we are supplying and the fireplace opening you have. At the other end of the scale, it could be to measure up for a large piece of stonework like a portico for the front entrance to your house, designing the right size fountain to be proportionate in your garden, or helping set out and design some stone entrance gates.

We believe that the choice of stone is as equally important as, and sometimes even more so than, the quality of the design. And we are firmly convinced that if we combine great design with a fabulous stone that we can create something beautiful for your home or garden.

We do all this from our lovely 19th Century open plan flint barn which sits alongside our showroom and workshop. If you ever get the chance to visit we will take great pleasure in showing you around and hopefully help bring a project to life for you.