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Hebe. (White Marble)

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Introducing a masterpiece of classical artistry:

Our life-sized hand-carved marble reproduction pays homage to Antonio Canova's iconic sculpture, "Hebe," created between 1800-1805. Standing tall at 1640 mm, this exquisite work of art encapsulates the essence of Canova's genius.

"Hebe" holds a special place in Canova's oeuvre, celebrated for its originality and the sculptor's transcendence of classical antiquity. From 1795 onward, it garnered widespread acclaim, inspiring sonnets and poems that celebrated its beauty and grace. In this sculpture, Canova beautifully captures Hebe, the goddess of youth, as she descends gracefully from the clouds, poised to pour wine for the gods.

The drapery that envelops her figure is a testament to Canova's mastery, imbuing the sculpture with a sense of weightlessness and fluid movement. Her bare upper body adds a touch of sensuality to the portrayal of this youthful goddess.

It's worth noting that Canova's "Hebe" was in such demand during his lifetime that he created no less than four full-size versions for some of the most esteemed collectors of the era. Even after Canova's passing, his workshop continued to produce additional iterations of this beloved masterpiece.

Our faithful reproduction captures the spirit and beauty of the original sculpture, making it a stunning addition to any collection or space. Crafted with precision and dedication, this piece embodies the timeless allure of classical art.

For inquiries regarding acquisition or further details about our "Hebe" reproduction, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to sharing the beauty and legacy of Canova's masterful work.

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