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The Georgian Breakfront

White and Sienna Marble


£5,700 Price excludes VAT
Available with Hearth - £6,100

Hearth Material: White Marble

Hearth Dimensions: 1680 mm x 500 mm x 50 mm.

Height: 1317 mm
Width: 1793 mm
Depth: 264 mm
Height: 1025 mm
Width: 1149 mm
1680 mm x 500 mm x 50 mm.
Available in matching stone, honed black slate or polished / honed black granite and can be cut to size
Available in matching stone, honed black slate or polished / honed black granite and can be cut to size
Can be custom sized. All joints are filled in after installation.
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Elegance meets craftsmanship in the Georgian Breakfront fireplace, meticulously hand-carved from a blend of white marble and Sienna Marble. This classic 18th-century English design is a timeless choice, ideally suited for drawing rooms, sitting rooms, and dining rooms. Its substantial presence commands attention, with a mantel standing at an impressive 1317 mm in height, 1793 mm in length, and 264 mm in depth. The generously sized opening measures 1149 mm in width by 1025 mm in height. However, for spaces requiring adjustments, slips can be custom-cut to fit your fireplace perfectly.

To complete the ensemble, you have the option to include a matching marble outer hearth, measuring 1680 mm in length, 500 mm in width, and 50 mm in thickness. Simply select the "Available with Hearth" option if desired. We also offer a range of differently sized outer hearths, inner hearths, and slips, available in matching marble, honed black slate, or polished/honed black granite, with quotes tailored to your preferences.

Before leaving our workshops, this fire surround undergoes meticulous preparation, including pre-drilled fixing holes, ensuring straightforward on-site assembly.

Experience the fusion of timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship with the Georgian Breakfront fireplace.

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Mantle Fireplace Opening
Width 1793 mm mm 1149 mm mm
Depth 264 mm mm --
Height 1317 mm mm 1025 mm mm

Please note: delivery typically takes two weeks which includes prepatation time, boxing, drilling and transportation. Delivery is to the kerbside, please see our more detailed terms and conditions here