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We always carry a large stock of our stone and marble fireplaces but sometimes our customers just really do want something different. Maybe it's our designs in different sizes to fit their rooms but often it is a completely bespoke and unique piece of work that they are looking for.

Our bespoke service is designed to give a very personal and helpful service in all these circumstances and see the whole project through from concept to installation. Our commissions have ranged from copying old family favourites that may have been lost in a fire, sometimes stolen or perhaps left behind in a previous home. At other times we have been requested to design "walk-in" fireplaces, a "corner" fireplace, fireplaces to matching cornicing detail, fireplaces with family motto's and crests, and on one occasion several very large fireplaces encapsulating the surrounding African wildlife for a beautiful lodge in Kenya. In fact over the last 20 years the bespoke fireplaces we have made really do cover a huge spectrum from a simple and small Victorian bedroom fireplace though to our reproduction of the huge West Hall fireplace in Woburn Abbey.

Whatever the request, the process usually runs down a similar path. We find out what you are looking for, we design and draw it, we give you stone samples to consider, we have it made and we then install it. We are on hand at all times to help and give advice wherever it is needed. Whether it's on the suitable stone to use, the design, any relevant building regulations, how long to allow, what you need to do on-site before installation, liaising with your architect, interior designer and builder. 

And finally, by installing the fireplace for you we can see the whole project through and so ensure that you are happy with the result before we sign off.